Things That Determine The Credibility Of Blogs Or Website

Making yourself a trustworthy and credible resource on the web takes time, but becoming an expert in your niche.

Search engines today are becoming even more refined and smarter at finding relevant and informative sites and blogs to index.

Your blog will receive a higher credibility status when it encompasses most of the important elements Listed Below.

Search engines and directories are looking for:

 Relevant content

 Appropriate formatting and titles

 Steady visitor traffic

Linking in from other sites

 Regular posting and updating

 Consistency in blog content

 Sites free of spam and excessive advertising

 Effective use of Ad Sense

Even if your blog is an extension of your website, you can use it as a subsidiary resource platform that can help introduce readers to your company, and encourage them to continue reading.

From the customer or visitor‘s perspective, there are essential signs of credibility that help distinguish one source form another.

These includes:

 Longevity of the blog

How long has it been active, how many posts are there?


Does the author have other sites and experience published around the web? If so, what are they?

Expertise – can the author verify their expertise?


Is the site well-constructed and updated according to industry standards?

 Writing style

Is the author a strong writer, or do they seem to post poorly written content on a regular basis?


Has the blog or site reached a high amount of readers?

Many people turn to ranking indexes such as Alexa to determine this.

Are the posts regular and arranged in the appropriate categories, or are they simply submitted to the blog randomly?


Is the voice natural and friendly, or does it sound like it is coming from the marketing/PR department of the company?

Gaining steady readership will take time, but establishing credibility is a long-term goal for any blogger regardless of experience.

Knowing how to convey a message that matches with your reader‘s interests is a necessary step;

Take the time to research, review, and edit your blog posts each time and make sure that the overall blog setup and design is in line with the competition.

Have a nice day.


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    1. Write Great Content
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    6. Remember to Use SEO Techniques

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